Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good Sites for Learning How to Can

  1943 Poster. Artist: Parker, Alfred, 1906-1985.
 United States. Office of War Information.

It used to be that when I needed to know something, I looked it up in The World Book Encyclopedia, went to the library to find a book on the subject, or called someone I knew who was an expert.  Yeah, I am that old. Now, it is right at my fingertips online.  Convenient and faster, for sure, but for some reason I felt smarter in the end when I did it the old fashioned way.

Even though I didn't go to the library this week, I have been learning much on the web about canning.  As I shared with you in my last post, the thought of canning has always intimidated me a bit, but I am determined to tackle it this summer.  It is amazing how much is written on the subject, and how many people are doing it.  Where have I been??  The grocery store, I guess.