Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Decorating Doesn't Have to Be Scary

Do not hate me, but I don't love Halloween.  It is not that I am against dressing up, having parties, or giving out (and eating!) candy; I don't like all the goriness or scariness that many others love.  To me, it feels as if we are glorifying death and I would rather celebrate life.  Don't get me wrong:  I don't judge those who like skeletons and ghosts, it is just my preference to go in a different direction.
From Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss
Because of this, I like to concentrate instead on fall colors, fall produce, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season when it comes to fall decorating. Much of that can work for Halloween decorating also, without the blood or bones.
From Jane at Cottage at the Crossroads
For example, pumpkins and other gourds, apples, corn, pinecones, leaves, hay bales, dried flowers, scarecrows, acorns, mums, branches, anything orange, yellow, brown, or even black can work for this; just think about what nature gives us this time of year! A bonus is that much of this can be found in your backyard and will cost you nothing. I love free.
From The Altered Past
From Home Stories A to Z
From Suzy at Worthing Court
Animals are great to us as well: birds (including, but not limited to, turkeys), squirrels, deer, bears, elk, moose, and any other creatures active in October and November are terrific to work into your decor. Just make sure they aren't living:)
From Spanish Style Magazine
Terry's Village
If you don't particularly love scary fall decorating but still want to have fun carving pumpkins, carve "fall-ish" shapes into your pumpkins.  You can use either real pumpkins or fake pumpkins for this, then put lights into them to really show the beauty of your creations as night. Just make sure they are lights that stay cool so you don't set your creations on fire.
Made with a drill by Crafty Nest 
If freehand carving is not your gift, use a template and trace shapes on your pumpkin before cutting. I have found many of these for free online, and I loved these I discovered on Southern Living's site this week. So pretty!

If you would like more fall decor ideas, visit my "Fall Decorations and Crafts" Pinterest board, which is chock-full of beautiful ideas that you can easily replicate or make your own.  All of these should take you straight through Thanksgiving.

Just in case you are wondering, we still give out candy on Halloween, attend Halloween parties, and allow our kids to go treat or treating. Just because I do not choose to embrace "dark" decorating doesn't mean we do not have fun!

I thought it would be funny if I
 put on a costume to pick my teenage daughter
 up from her Halloween party last year. She didn't agree.
If any of you have great fall decorating tips, please tell me about them in the comment section below, or even link to your own blog post about fall decorating.  I'd love to see!!

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  1. I love fall decorating, but I have to confess I have a harder time getting into it where I live in Texas because it seems as if we skip fall and go straight from summer to winter. Also, glad to have stumbled upon your blog and see you are doing well. Once upon a time we used to be next door neighbors:)

    1. Oh my goodness, Angela! Where were we neighbors? So glad you stumbled across my blog!!

    2. In Altamonte Springs. Our husbands were in seminary together. I had to spend the night with you one night with my newborn baby because our apartment had filled up with smoke:)

    3. I remember! Small world, isn't it:) Hope you and your family are well and loving Texas!!

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