Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bed, Bath & Beyond Beats Amazon. Who Knew?!

Have you seen this report? It has really taken me by surprise today. I have always thought of Amazon as a "low-price leader" and it has been my go-to, more often than not, when buying anything costing over a certain amount (usually $20). My perception was it was the best place for low prices and, because we were Amazon Prime members, there was typically no shipping cost. The one drawback was waiting for my purchases to arrive. If I needed a product immediately, I headed to Walmart.

According to the report, Bed, Bath & Beyond's prices average 6.5% lower than Amazon's, and that is without the 20% off coupon that comes in the mail pretty regularly.  Throw in the coupon and the savings is that much greater!

Bed, Bath & Beyond does not carry everything we need, but when it comes to wedding gifts, appliances, kitchen tools, gadgets, linens, etc..., I will be going online, checking Amazon's prices, as well as Walmarts, then comparing them to B, B & B's prices. Hopefully, I will be heading to the B, B & B store 5 minutes from my home to then make my purchase!  I love saving money, don't you?

**Bed, Bath & Beyond in no way sponsored this post, but if they'd like to send me a gift card, I'd be glad to spend it:)   


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