Saturday, July 6, 2013

Learning to Can

I am going to do it.  I have toyed with the idea for quite sometime, but something about it scares me.  I can't explain why.  In the past I have said I was going to do it, but chickened out and used my freezer instead.
This time, there is no turning back; I really am going to learn how to can food.  The money has been spent and the Amazon box arrived today.  I am kinda excited and terrified  - all at the same time.

What will I can?  For one, I want to can my all-natural, better-than-bought, homemade ketchup. I usually make up a small batch and stick it in the fridge, but I want to make a large batch I can keep on hand and not worry it is going to grow things on top before we can eat it all.

I also want to give canning vegetables from my garden a try. So often I freeze what we can't use right away, but then it gets lost in my freezer and I discover it later, covered in ice and looking like something from a science experiment.

Thirdly, I want to make (my friend) Karra's yummy pickles.  They had just the right amount of garlic and dill flavors that I like.  I am not ashamed (much) to say I ate the whole jar she gave me in one sitting.  And I need more.

So, tomorrow is the day I begin my canning education.  I will be finding my information online, so if you know of any good sites with helpful canning instructions or tips, please send them my way.  I am also up for receiving some good advice if you are a canning wizard. I might even send you some ketchup if your advice is really good...but I am not sharing the pickles.  


  1. I'll give you a tip I learned the hard way. If you ever can tomatoes, make sure you BOIL them. The person who told me how to can them just said to "get them good and hot", so I did, and all 24 quarts I canned SPOILED. BOOOO. She helped me do a 2nd batch and that's where we realized the error. Got them up to boiling and they were fine. Good luck, it's a lot of work but a lot of fun.

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