Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Toilet Repairs

Everyone...you know...does it.  We all use the toilet.  It is not one of those pleasant facts, but it is real life.  That also means, however, when our toilet is not working properly, it is something we have to have fixed - and fast.  I hate spending money on a toilet, though; it is not fun or exciting, nor does it make a big difference in the way we feel about ourselves.  It is just necessary.

Not all toilet repairs are DIY-able.  There are some things you probably should turn over to the professionals (if you aren't one of them).  For example, when my then-toddler-who-shall-go-unnamed flushed a Jello pudding cup down the potty, I called the plumber.  Not a good day, trust me. 

One repair that is so easy you'd be embarrassed to tell anyone you paid to have it done is replacing the handle. When the handle on our guest bathroom toilet looked as if it had seen better days, I headed off to the local hardware store, plucked down $1.50 for a new handle, then came home and put that puppy on myself.  All I needed was a monkey wrench and three minutes. No biggie.

It went from major eyesore to just blending in.

I headed next to the master bathroom because our toilet had a slow leak.  It was one of those in which the toilet start running on its own about every 45 minutes  as it was filling back up after enough water had leaked out. This was happening due to the old flapper no longer holding a tight seal.  While at the hardware store, I had picked up a new one.

Here is the inside of the toilet with the old blue flapper:

First thing I did was turn off the water going into the tank of the toilet.  You do that by turning that knob on the wall near the base of the toilet.

I then flushed and held the handle down for a minute to get as much water out of the tank as possible. Once it had sufficiently drained, I unhooked the chain from the inside handle, then simply unclipped the existing flapper at the inside base.

I removed the old flapper from the tank, clipped the new one on, and connected the new chain to the inside handle.

This universal flapper is actually adjustable - you turn the round part to adjust the amount of water that it lets out with each flush.

I turned the water back on and was done.  This one took a total of five minutes.

Next time your potty has an issue, I hope you can save some money and tackle it yourself without calling Joe the Plumber...or whatever his name is.


  1. Oh Claire, my hubby is a pretty good handyman but last year we broke down and had to call a plumber...WOW! not good on the wallet! He charged an arm and a leg before the day was over!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

    1. Oops, Patty. I had Claire on the brain and the thoughts of the toilet repair issue had my head spinning!!!

  2. You are going to the right way, believe me you have done awesome job.

    Lora@ boiler breakdown

  3. Always check YouTube before you break down and call a pro---There are lots of videos on there about how to do simple home repairs.

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