Monday, December 3, 2012

The Little Extras on the Window

use for old windows

In my last post I shared with you the old window  that I rehabbed and repurposed into a beautiful message board. Now I would like to show you the "little extras" that I made at the last minute that added so much to the final look and function.

One of the features of the rehabbed window was a bulletin board. I had printed a quote on the fabric, which I loved, but it also made the bulletin board look like it might just be "fabric with a quote on it."

See what I mean?
I decided it needed some thumbtacks in order for someone to know exactly what it was. I went to my craft stash and found these:

Fake pearls from a broken necklace.  I never throw anything away!  I grabbed some plain silver thumbtacks and my glue gun and made three of these:

decorative thumbtacks

Once I stuck them in, the board looked prettier, but also declared "I'm a bulletin board!"

Next, I thought some magnets were needed for the magnetic chalkboard (lest someone believes it to be merely a chalkboard).  Again to the craft stash, where I found glass squares and round magnets.

I am not sure what the glass squares are called, but they are usually found in the fake flower arranging area of Walmart or Michaels.  I think they are to go in a clear vase to fancy it up???  I don't know, but I bought them for craft projects. The stick-on magnets are from the craft section of Walmart.  I picked 6 white-ish colored glass squares and stuck the magnets on one side.  They fit perfectly!

For the finishing touch, I wanted to give them some fun colored chalk to go along with it. I racked my little brain to figure out how they could keep the chalk on or near the boards.  A bucket!  I knew I had seen some cute little ones at Dollar Tree in the wedding section - three for $1 - so off I went.  When I returned, I drilled a hole in the bottom of the window, screwed in a cup hook, and ... tada!

chalk holder

Isn't it adorable?  Now the chalk will always be right there for them to grab whenever the urge hits to write or draw on one of the boards.

All right; now off you go to search some trash piles or dumpsters for old windows!


  1. Very nice! I found you through Roadkill Rescue! I love the small details on this window!


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