Friday, December 21, 2012

Secret Santa

I know the real meaning of Christmas is not in the getting of presents, but it sure makes it more fun, doesn't it? This year I opted to join the Hometalk Blogger's Secret Santa gift exchange. If you aren't familiar with Hometalk, you are missing out.  It is an online sharing site where anyone (professionals, bloggers, or just regular homeowners and renters) can share home and garden ideas, crafts and DIY projects for the world to see. If you are a blogger, they have a Facebook group you can request to join that is a treasure trove of information, support, and encouragement. That is where this fun gift exchange began. One of the bloggers asked if anyone was interested in doing a Secret Santa gift exchange; 38 of us jumped right in.

I was excited to be participating in this gifting, but I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated as well. The rules were that you were to send a small, inexpensive gift (less than $10) to the person you were assigned, then, on Dec. 21, we would all blog about who we sent our gift to and what we each received.  I wanted to make something, but I was a bit hesitant since bloggers I have been following and admiring for several years are a part of this group. I wondered if I could possibly make something that would be "good enough" to keep up with these incredibly talented and creative people. Because my blog is about DIY-ing, repurposing, crafting, and saving money, however, I did it anyway.

I have already posted about the gift I made: An Easy and Inexpensive Christmas Gift Idea. I sent it to my my new Secret Santa friend: Jane at Cottage at the Crossroads. She was so appreciative and I have enjoyed getting to know her through her beautiful blog.  Check out her posts about her 100-year-old cottage on land her family has owned since the 1700s. She and her husband have made it into such a comfortable but gorgeous home.

It was so exciting to receive a package in the mail from Julie at Red Head Can Decorate!  Even the outside of the package was festive - covered in colorful Christmas lights stickers. I am thrilled with the Christmas Pickle ornament it contained, along with the candy and cute soap she sent. If you are unfamiliar with the Christmas Pickle tradition, it is really a green glass ornament that looks like a pickle. The glass pickle is to be hidden on the tree on Christmas Eve, then the first child to find it the next morning receives a special treat. Julie said that her family usually gives a silly treat - last year the winner got a can of Spam. Thanks so much Julie!

Can you see the pickle???

How about now?

Harder than you thought!

If you have ever participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange?  If so, I'd love for you to comment and share the best, or funniest, gift you have ever received.  


  1. Sweet! Thanks for linking up to the Secret Santa party!

  2. So happy you enjoyed the pickle Patty! I wanted to make sure you know that the ribbon candy and mint is soap. The chocolate is real though :)

    1. Yes, I forgot to mention the cute soap! Don't worry, I didn't try to eat it!

  3. PS...your button wasn't working, so I linked your pic and name up to your blog. So sorry I didn't catch that right away. Have a wonderful Christmas :)

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