Sunday, December 9, 2012

No-Sew Burlap Pillow

Holiday Burlap

Can't sew?  No worries if you have a glue gun!  This pillow is put together totally with glue.  All you need to make one like it is:

Felt snowflake from Dollar Tree
Burlap fabric
Stuffing or pillow form to put inside your pillow

Burlap pillow

Then gather your:

Hot glue gun and glue stick
Tape measure

First, decide what size you would like your finished pillow to be.  After putting the snowflake on my fabric, I decided to make mine 14" X 14".

Next, cut 2 equal-sized pieces of burlap for each side of your pillow.  I find the easiest way to cut burlap is to measure and then pull a string right past my desired length.

Once you have done that, you have an easy, straight line on which to cut your fabric.  Here I have measured both ways and pulled both strings to meet at the corner.
Easy burlap

I then cut my piece on both lines. Once you have both pieces cut, iron each piece if it has wrinkles or fold lines. Trust me; you will not want to wait to do this later since it is going to be put together with hot glue!

Once ironed, lightly fold your front piece in half, then in half again. Do not push down on the folds because you do not want to cause lines; you just ironed it, for goodness sake!  Pinch the corner to mark the center of your piece.

Unfold. You should see a slight mark in the very center of your piece of burlap.

Now, center your snowflake on your piece.  If you are satisfied with your placement, gently slide something under the fabric where the snowflake is.  I used a piece of freezer paper, matte side up.  This is to keep the hot glue that you are about to use from gluing your piece to the table (or in my case, the ironing board).

Begin gluing the snowflake onto the piece of burlap, one part at a time.  Pick a "spoke" of the flake and fold it back while holding the rest of the flake in place with the heel of your hand.  Carefully squeeze out some hot glue on the underside of this part.

gluing onto burlap

Place it back down on the burlap and press. Do the next spoke. Once you have glued half the spokes down, fold the other half back enough to put glue on the center of the flake.

Press down.  Do the rest of the spokes one at a time.  As soon as you have glued the last piece down on the burlap, lift the fabric up and pull off the freezer paper. You don't want to permanently glue it to the underside of your fabric.

Give the glue a few minutes to finish cooling before placing the other piece of cut burlap under the top piece.  Put your piece of freezer paper under the bottom piece along one side. Begin gluing the top piece with the snowflake on it to the bottom piece.  Do one side of the pillow at a time, then move the freezer paper when you finish one side and move to another side.  Squeeze a line of hot glue, beginning about 1/2 inch in from the outer side, then stop about 1/2 from the end.

Press the top piece down on the bottom piece to adhere them to one another.  Careful of the hot glue! This will be your "seam." The picture below shows what your seam will look like once cooled.

Do 2 more sides, leaving the fourth side open to put your stuffing or pillow insert in.

I have to admit that my stuffing came from an old bed pillow that I had on hand.  I cut it open and then cut out the size I needed.

Once you have put your stuffing inside, glue down the last side of your pillow.  Begin pulling loose strings from each side of the pillow to create fringe.  Fluff your pillow and you are done!  My pillow took only 30 minutes from start to finish.

Burlap Pillow


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  1. OK, this is a a weird comment, but we have the same background on our blogs. So I looked closer and love that you get a charge out of being frugal just like me! Too fun!!

  2. This is brilliant!!! Inexpensive and you could work assembly line and make several...thanks for sharing...

  3. I don't know why I hadn't thought of the idea to use those darling felt place mats I've been seeing for THIS purpose, but I'm lovin' it! It looks super and I just love red snowflakes on white/ivory anyway.

  4. I agree with Anonymous & Beth, fantastic idea! Great colors and so quick and easy to do. Thanks so much for sharing your idea with us all!!

  5. Wow, it looks fabulous! No sew, so easy and quick!
    Saw you linking at the Dollar Store Link Party
    Debbie :)

  6. Love this gift idea! I saw those same snowflakes but never would have thought to use them like this. Thanks for sharing. P.s. Not sure if you realize your word verification is turned on ;-).

  7. I have a bunch of those snowflakes... these are a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  8. My daughter is going to Love this! Thanks for the wonderful creativity.