Friday, July 6, 2012

No-Sew Curtains - Easier Than You Think!

The beloved glue gun

I have a confession to make.  Many of the window treatments in my home are held together with glue from a hot glue gun.  Yes, I know the basics of sewing, so don't feel sorry for me and offer to teach me.  I even own a sewing machine, but I hardly ever pull it out of the closet. I have found it much easier and faster to pull out the handy-dandy hot glue gun instead.  

For example, here are my kitchen curtains:

Yep - put together with the glue gun.  I even don't have them on a rod or cornice board.  They are put up there with nothing but upholstery tacks.

Shocking, huh?  Please don't call the curtain police, even though I am guilty of more than that.  Here are the curtains in my kids' bathroom:

The purchased shower curtain is extended with fabric and ribbon (attached by way of the glue gun) that match the curtain, then hemmed with - you guessed it - glue. 

Even after 3 years and many long, steamy showers, none of it has budged.  Incredible, huh?  

Tomorrow I'll show you the latest window treatment that was put together with burlap, hot glue, and a little left-over trim.  It doesn't get much cheaper than that!

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  1. Beautiful. I am no sewer and I am inspired to make this. Thanks for the idea.

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