Saturday, July 7, 2012

How To: No-Sew Burlap Window Treatment

For 3 years, this poor window was treatment-less except for the sterile wooden blinds.  I don't know why it took me so long to figure out what it needed except for the fact the room has been in constant flux the whole time.  First, it was my oldest son's room.  Then, he moved out and it became the catch-all room. I needed an office/craft/work room, so I began to clean it up and move all of my necessities into it.  Not long after, however, we had company coming and realized that it needed to be a guest room, as well. (This unfortunate room doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up!)

Last week, I decided it was high time.  We had company coming again for a few days and this room needed a bit of dressing up, but without girly curtains since my son may be moving back in for a month or two (after his lease runs out and before his National Guard unit deploys in September). I really did not want to spend too much time or $$ on something since this room has such an identity crisis.

Heading to my stash of cloth, I spotted some burlap that I had on hand.   I also saw that I still had a bit of fringe left from my kitchen window treatments and some cording. The light bulb lit up above my head and I knew what to do.

I first measured the width of the window and added 1-1/2 inches to that measurement in order to "hem" the sides. That term is in quotation marks because I don't know if it is considered to be hemming if you aren't sewing (?). I knew I wanted the length to be about halfway down the down the window, so I measured that distance. I didn't worry about adding enough for the top or bottom to be hemmed since one end of the burlap was already finished and the other end would have the trim put on it. 

Once I had it cut, I pulled out the ironing board and iron, folded the edge of each side of the burlap over twice, ironed each side flat, then, using the handy-dandy hot glue gun, glued both sides down. 

Next, I cut the trim for the bottom to be equal the width of the fabric plus about 3/4 of an inch to go around to the backside.  That was then glued to the bottom.

Time to head back upstairs to try it out. It fit perfectly.  I removed that top horizontal decorative piece that came with the blinds to cover  up this part... 

...then (don't choke!) I glued it right to the top of the blinds along that remaining top part.  I can always pull the treatment down later and peel off the glue if I decide to do something else.  I started by gluing either end first and left the middle hanging loose for now in order to insert the cording.

Because my cording wasn't all that long, I did not measure or trim it; I only cut it in half.  Before doing so, I wrapped the middle with a bit of clear tape to keep it from unraveling.

I inserted the two pieces behind and over the burlap, then adjusted their positions at the top until they looked about right.  Once I was happy with them, I glued the rest of the burlap on to the top of the blind.

To finish, I scrunched the bottom of the treatment up, tied the cording to hold it in place, then adjusted the bottom so the trimming would hang correctly.
No-Sew Burlap Curtain
>Don't worry -- I adjusted it some more after I took this picture!  

Here it is.  It did not cost me a penny, as I already had everything I needed leftover from other projects, and it only took about 45 minutes of my time to make.  You could always line it with some material behind the burlap, but I didn't mind the see-through look.  I actually thought the green of the trees outside was pretty coming through it.  I also don't think my son will consider it too girly for his manly self. Do you?


  1. Love this! I need a curtain for my tiny windows in my master bath and I have some burlap tucked away! Perfect. Can't wait until after the first of the year to give it a try. Thanks for the idea

  2. I really like this idea (and I'm not at all scandalized by the use of the hot glue ;)). You've got my mind working on a problem window of my own. Thanks!

  3. Are there differences in burlap fabric? I can't get mine to fold up nice like yours. I realize it's been a couple years for this post. I love the idea.

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