Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something Old into Something New: Make a Drying Rack from an Old Crib

Ballard Designs has a fabulous drying rack that I longed for.  I saw it in the catalog every few months and would long anew each time I perused.  Just take a gander:

Unfortunately, I could not swing the $200 price tag. 

Then, while checking out blogs one day, I came across an even more fabulous drying rack.  It was more fabulous because...IT WAS FREE!
 Some incredibly genius blogger (who I now cannot track down - sorry!) had the brilliant idea to recycle an old crib into a Ballad's knockoff drying rack.  Fate would intervene the very next week when, on my way home I saw it: a used, broken-down crib on the side of the road.  Score!

I only brought home one side (which I now regret), and unfortunately did not take a picture. It was already white, but was very dirty.  I didn't even want to guess what was dried and crusty on the side.  I cleaned it with 409 cleanser, sanded it, and used a hack saw to saw off one end of it.  I then attached a piece of scrap wood to even-out the sawed end.  This was so I would have a place to attach some hinges to.  I then sprayed several fresh coats of white paint,and finished by spraying a satin-finish polyurethane on it to seal it.  

When finished, I mounted it straight onto the door of my laundry room (really a closet) with another piece of wood, the hinges, some ribbon, and a latch. Perhaps if I show you the pics, this will make more sense:

cheap drying rack

It works for me, and only cost a few dollars for the latch and two hinges, as I already had the scrap wood and ribbon.  Hope you think it as genius as I do:)


  1. yup, total genius! bless your NC heart!!

    thanks for the sweet comment...and advice about moving to NC. i'm so looking forward to the slower lane after 2 years outside philly. oh, and smiling people will be lovely, too! ;)

    hope we can catch up sometime!

    1. Thanks for the genius vote, and, even more, for stopping by! Hope the move is going well.

  2. Wow, this is definitely genius! Great job!!

    NE Texas

  3. Oh my goodness! I have everything I need to do this too! Need to get a bit more creative since I live in an apartment and not allowed to be screwing things into walls and doors and such. Perhaps over-the-door hooks with ribbon or chain and a bungee wrapped around the door and hooked to the base of the rail? Hmmm. Thanks ever so much for sharing your ingenuity! Greatly appreciate this!!!

  4. Thanks for the idea! I'm going to use my rack in my sewing room to store/display my fabric :) Now, what to do with the other parts of the crib . . .

  5. I'm wondering how this has held up over time. While delicates should be fine, I'm concerned the weight of wet sweaters, etc, over time would cause too much strain on the hinges. It is, however, exactly what I want to do with my old crib. Your thoughts?

  6. bigger hinges and nylon rope (you can find it at Home depot) instead of ribbon or how about a piece of decorative chain buy it by the foot at Lowes or Home Depot

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