Saturday, June 30, 2012

Isn't She Lovely? Furniture Makeover Using Chalk Paint Part II

Remember this from yesterday? My $25  Goodwill find.

Here she is today:
Now isn't she lovely?

Paint, on furniture, is kind of like make-up on me - causes a miraculous transformation. In this case, it was two cans and one small bottle of paint, along with clear wax.  

If you have not yet discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it is high time! I love this stuff because you don't have to prime or use sandpaper before painting with it, and it also has such a beautiful antique-y finish when all is done.

Let me explain the particulars of her makeover.  I first removed the handles and put them aside to save for another project.  I did not think they were the right look. I had some drawer pulls from a previous project on my daughter's dresser that I thought would be perfect, but would first need a coat of spray paint.

Old handles                   

"New" drawer pulls (before paint)

Another reason I have an affinity for Chalk Paint is I have found that once I am finished putting on the first coat of paint (I do the dresser first, then the drawers), I can turn right around and start the second coat on the dresser because it dries so fast. Love that!  I painted on two coats of Duck Egg blue and all that sad brown was gone:

Once dry, I decided to move her on upstairs to finish because of the daggum heat; 100-blessed-degrees yesterday and today.  

After she was delivered safely up the stairs and got her drawers back on ... um ... in, I was about to begin the waxing, but just felt something was missing, other than the drawer pulls.  It seemed as if all that pretty detail was just not showing very well with only one all-over color.  

Out came the Old White Chalk Paint, as I thought I would try to highlight those areas with a contrasting color.  After doing so, however, it felt a bit too contrasting, and the Old White looked somewhat stark.  I decided to go ahead and wax, as even the clear wax makes the color a wee bit darker.  See the before and after drawer waxing below.  Naked chalk paint on left, waxed on right:

Even after waxing, however, the Old White still looked too bright next to the Duck Egg blue in my opinion. Because I had sprayed the drawer pulls a color called Satin Nickel, I headed to my craft paint box and pulled out a silver metallic-colored acrylic, mixed a small amount of it with some of the clear wax on a paper plate, and then, using a paint brush, brushed it over the Old White.  It made the pretty details sparkle and I loved it! 

So, one more time, before and after.
What do you think?


  1. Looks wonderful, honey..... Just like you!

  2. Good~O Bill.

    I think she has a new life ahead of her. Nice work! Now the question is, where are you going to use her.

  3. Beautiful! Really nice job. You are inspiring me!

  4. It looks amazing! I love what you did with the hardware too. Found you at the Paint It Party. :)

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind comments!

  5. This dresser is beautiful. Amazing transformation!! Great job! Love the color and hardware.

  6. Gorgeous! Love, love, love the color!

    Jenna @

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